Red and Gold

Court Day and Alarde of the Barony of Knights Crossing
as well as Investiture of the new Baron and Baroness
on the 8th – 12th of August 2018

“Red and Gold” – the colours of the Barony of Knights Crossing – are the motto under which the Canton of Meadowmarsh invites you to a memorable event:

The venerable Baron and Baroness of the ancient Barony of Knights Crossing are pleased to host a court day from the eighth day of the month of August until the twelfth day of that month.

Populace and guests from near and far are invited to bear witness at the Investiture of the successors to the aforementioned Barony.

In honour of the departing Baroness and Baron, all kinds of diversions and competitions are to be held – so that every man and every woman may have the opportunity to demonstrate their prowess in fields of art, science and battle.

The latter is also meant to serve as an Alarde – so that Baron and ranking guests may review the strength and capabilities of the forces under the banner of the Barony.

In the tradition of the former “Nibelungen War”, each man and woman shall choose one of the two colours of the Barony, “Red” or “Gold” and wear these openly – so that everyone may see clearly who the person has joined.
Men and Women may support their Colour as they feel best able, so that they may emerge victorious at the end of the Court Day.

Miss not these days of special events, manifold pleasures and diversions!

The site is a camping event, with modern tents possible (in a separate, slightly secluded section)
We will erect sunshades/weather roofs, in case it rains. But it would be nice if some visitors brought additional sunshades.

Fire pits, grills and fuel are available. However, you will have to provide your own food. There are excellent options for grocery shopping within 5km.

This year, we have managed to acquire the sport club venue next to the camp site.
Hence, we have showers, a refrigeration room, a small (modern) assembly room and a kitchen for cleaning dishes. We may be able to offer some very limited crash space as well.

The Event will take place from 08/08/2018 starting 18:00 till 08/12/2018 closing time 12:00.


Fri – Sun oder Sat – Sun: 18.- Euro Discount for SCA members: 3.- Euro
Each additional day: 5.- Euro
Daytrip: 13.- Euro Discount for SCA members: 3.- Euro

Children (10-18 years):
Fri – Sun oder Sat – Sun: 9.- Euro Discount for SCA members: 2.- Euro
Each additional day: 2.- Euro
Daytrip: 6.- Euro Discount for SCA members: 2.- Euro

Children under10 years: no charge

Please contact us for a family cap.

Visitors, who only stay a few hours pay nothing. We’d be glad of any donations, however.

Additional Informations

Wednesday night:
In the evening of August 8th there will be a wedding in the sports club next door we rented. This means that parking might be a little scarce, but most important, we can’t use the cooling facilities that evening. Cooling your food will only be possible from noon the next day. Please consider this when you pack your food.

Of course we will have the courts, that are necessary to hand the barony over to the new baronial couple.
But we also want to further the traditions of the Nibelungen War and offer all sorts of competitions. This includes, of course, tourneys and melees for heavy fighting, fencing and archery. But the non-fighters shall enjoy their time as well, of course.
Like participants formerly could decide between huns and Burgundians now the red and gold sides are being picked.
But what we definitely do not want is STRESS.
Red and Gold shall be a relaxed event, where everyone can be just as active as he/she wants.
Thus the competitions are as flexible as possible.
The rules are simple:
Participants of different sides challenge each other. The number of points which can be achieved depends on the number of participants with less players on their side.
Pickup 1 vs 1: 1 point
Melee 10 vs 8: 8 points
Chess game 1 vs 1 : 1 point
Kubb 3 vs 5: 3 points
There is no limit to your creativity.
Wrestling, dexterity games, riddles, music, dance, whichever challenge possible. If both sides agree the challenge will be held.
At the end of each challenge the participants go to a tent and take the relevant red and golden stones from a bowl and throw it into a closed jar. At the end of the event the stones will be counted and the winning side will be announced.
So be creative and think up nice challenges which are fit to prove the abilities found in our barony – or just are simply fun.

Due to the unusual situation we can only offer feast to people who have booked it in advance. There will be an option for it shortly in the reservation form. Who already reserved will get a mail from me regarding this.
The fees are:
Adult (age 16 and up) 9,50 €
Teen (age 9-15) 5 €
Child (age 0-8) free
Do not miss out on celebrating the new Baroness and Baron, and toasting together with them!

Iron Rose Tourney
Noble ladies in armor? Fighting women on medieval battlefields? Just 20 years ago even the possibility would have been unthinkable.
But saracen sources indicate the existance of such women at the time of the crusades. And the analysis of the genetic material of one of the most famous viking burial sites reveil the gender of the buried warrior as a female. Those female warriors existed, probably just not in great numbers.

So much about the historical context… for us in the SCA the women who dare to participate in our marshal art are source of great inspiration.

The symbol of the female heavy fighter within the the SCA is the ‘Iron Rose’, as combination of grace and “steeliness”.

How much more steeliness and even more ‘heart’ our female fighters need – us men, with our (usual) advantage of strenght, weight and size often can only guess.
And this usually isn’t mirrored in the scores of our tourneys.

This is a good reason for me to sponsor a tourney especially for our ‘Iron Roses’.

Hear ye hear ye

I Aelric of Battle, baron at the court of their Royal Majesties of Drachenwald within the canton MeadowMarsh of the barony Knights Crossing do invite all gentle ladies, capable of fighting in armor, to assemble for a tourney at the canton mentioned above at the 11th August in the year of the lord 2018. They shall meet in knightly combat in honor of the majesties mentioned above and their baronial excellencies of Knights Crossing, and for pleasure and entertainment of the people there present – so these will be aware of the extraordinary skill, honor and dedication of those therefor assembled warriors and marvel at their courage and knightly conduct.

At the tourney each of the participants shall fight every other in three bouts with weapons and shields of their choice – if legal by the common rules.
Victor of the set shall be the one who wins two of the three bouts. If the first round of sets leads to a even score of participants those ladies shall fight again in the same manner until the victor is beyond all doubt.

The tourney shall happen if at least three participants are attending.

Because it is my greatest joy to sponsor a tourney for those splendid warriors it shall be my privilege to supply and to hand over the prize for the most worthy.

Given the 23rd of October in the year of the lord 2017

Baron Aelric of Battle

Largesse competition
A German proverb says “small presents nourish friendship” – and who would not be pleased about a little gift from their majesties or barons as recognition as event steward, winner of a tourney, attendee in a competition, visitor of an event, … To keep the largesse hoards full, we call for the “Red-Gold-Largesse-Competition”:
Each entry must contain six items that can be given out as largesse immediately. Every participant can enter more than once.
Documentation is not necessary. This is not an A&S competition.
Every item should be handmade (purchased items that are refined are allowed) and useable in the SCA.
Every item must be tagged with participant’s name and local group.
Winning entry is populace’s choice. Each visitor gets five beans, which can be allocated with visitor’s favorite entry. Split up to different entries is permitted.
Two items of each entry will be reclaimed. Populance’s favorite takes one half of the hoard. Every participant gets to choose one item of the remaining half.
What about the rest?
All remaining items are separated between kingdom and barony to eke out their gift baskets.
What are good entries?
Generally all items should be small(-ish), handy and easy to fly with. Six embroided handkerchiefs, six leather pouches, six armour repair kits, six pincushions are excellent entries. Please remember, that some heraldry and insignia can only be worn by certain person.
Don’t lose time! Start now

Link to Registration

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Baron Aelric of Battle
Sascha Bohlender
RedandGold @

Am Georgenwald 29a
63694 Limeshain