Red and Gold

Court Day and Alarde of the Barony of Knights Crossing
as well as Investiture of the new Baron and Baroness
on the 8th – 12th of August 2018

“Red and Gold” – the colours of the Barony of Knights Crossing – are the motto under which the Canton of MeadowMarsh invites you to a memorable event:

The venerable Baron and Baroness of the ancient Barony of Knights Crossing are pleased to host a court day from the eighth day of the month of August until the twelfth day of that month.

Populace and guests from near and far are invited to bear witness at the Investiture of the successors to the aforementioned Barony.

In honour of the departing Baroness and Baron, all kinds of diversions and competitions are to be held – so that every man and every woman may have the opportunity to demonstrate their prowess in fields of art, science and battle.

The latter is also meant to serve as an Alarde – so that Baron and ranking guests may review the strength and capabilities of the forces under the banner of the Barony.

In the tradition of the former “Nibelungen War”, each man and woman shall choose one of the two colours of the Barony, “Red” or “Gold” and wear these openly – so that everyone may see clearly who the person has joined.
Men and Women may support their Colour as they feel best able, so that they may emerge victorious at the end of the Court Day.

Miss not these days of special events, manifold pleasures and diversions!

The site is a camping event, with modern tents possible (in a separate, slightly secluded section)
We will erect sunshades/weather roofs, in case it rains. But it would be nice if some visitors brought additional sunshades.

Fire pits, grills and fuel are available. However, you will have to provide your own food. There are excellent options for grocery shopping within 5km.

This year, we have managed to acquire the sport club venue next to the camp site.
Hence, we have showers, a refrigeration room, a small (modern) assembly room and a kitchen for cleaning dishes. We may be able to offer some very limited crash space as well.

The Event will take place from 08/08/2018 starting 18:00 till 08/12/2018 closing time 12:00.


Fri – Sun oder Sat – Sun: 18.- Euro Discount for SCA members: 3.- Euro
Each additional day: 5.- Euro
Daytrip: 13.- Euro Discount for SCA members: 3.- Euro

Children (10-18 years):
Fri – Sun oder Sat – Sun: 9.- Euro Discount for SCA members: 2.- Euro
Each additional day: 2.- Euro
Daytrip: 6.- Euro Discount for SCA members: 2.- Euro

Children under10 years: no charge

Please contact us for a family cap.

Visitors, who only stay a few hours pay nothing. We’d be glad of any donations, however.

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Baron Aelric of Battle
Sascha Bohlender
RedandGold @

Am Georgenwald 29a
63694 Limeshain